Jirai Kei: Japan's Edgy Fashion

Jirai Kei: Japan's Edgy Fashion

Welcome to our blog, where we spotlight the latest trends in J-fashion. For aficionados of the kawaii aesthetic, this article is a must-read. Dive in to uncover the essentials of Jirai Kei (地雷系) - the current TikTok sensation blending 'dark and girly' styles seamlessly.

What is Jirai Kei (Landmine Style)?

Jirai Kei is a burgeoning trend in J-fashion, aptly translated as the 'landmine style'. This look melds the sweetness of girly and feminine aesthetics with a hint of darker undertones. 

"Jirai" (地雷) is a slang in Japanese meaning "dangerous" or "potentially explosive." Originally used to describe women with unpredictable emotions, often in a derogatory manner, it has since been adopted into fashion trends, especially among teenagers and young women in Japan during early 2020. This trend expanded on TikTok, reaching adult and male audiences. "Jirai Kei" (地雷系) relates to this fashion style, with girls called "Jirai Joshi" (地雷女子) or "Landmine Girls" and boys as "Jirai Danshi" (地雷男子) or "Landmine Boys." Despite its popularity, the term's negative origins cause debate in Japan.

However, it's important to note that those who enjoy and wear Jirai Kei fashion aren't necessarily "Landmine Girls" or "Landmine Boys". We believe that Jirai Kei fashion is a culture of inclusivity and self-expression.

Jirai Kei Fashion Basics

Jirai Kei has been described as a distinctive mainstream fashion, relying on the incorporation of certain recurrent themes. Popular trends from previous styles, such as Girly and Yami Kawaii, have been integrated into Jirai Kei.

Jirai kei

Clothing Features:

  • Jirai Kei's style emphasizes maturity and avant-garde, yet retains a cute, girlish ambiance.
  • Primary colors in Jirai Kei include black, white, and various soft pinks. Natural and bright colors are less prevalent in Jirai Kei.
  • Common outfit choices feature high-neck shirts paired with pleated high-waist skirts. For the winter, pleated shirts might be replaced with lace sweaters.
  • The male version of this style incorporates oversized Yami Kawaii tops with blue or purple bear prints, extending a little below the thigh.
  • Clothing often features lace and pleated embellishments.
  • Jewelry often includes rhinestones and pearls.
  • Among the popular chunky shoes are double-buckle platform loafers (also known as flatforms or bubble shoes) and the rarer Mary Jane clogs, with heel heights usually ranging from 3 to 5 inches. 
  • Lace-trimmed socks or dark tights are worn beneath the shoes. Due to the association with the Ryousangata trend, Girly attire can easily transition into Jirai Kei style by merely shifting the tones to pink and black.

Hair and Makeup Features:

  • Jirai Kei makeup often resembles a highly exaggerated sickly look, typically with pink or red blush below the eyes, emphasized tear bags, droopy black eyeliner, and an overall pale foundation. Large black circle contact lenses are commonly worn to make the eyes appear larger, while lipstick colors vary depending on the wearer's choice.
  • Hairstyles commonly include sister bangs, twin tails with curled ends (also known as pigtails), and black hair with highlights. However, many Jirai girls in Japan also dye strands of their hair in deeper pinks or use colored hair extensions.
  • Cute nail art, predominantly in black and white, is frequently observed, especially when incorporating Sanrio themes, gems, and 3D art.


  • Common Jirai Kei accessories include long black satin ribbon hair ornaments, Miu Miu bracelets, various styles of Saturn logo necklaces from Vivienne Westwood, light pink Jill Stuart tote bags or MCM logo backpacks, and various Sanrio character accessories, particularly the frequently showcased My Melody and Kuromi.
  • Miss Dior perfume bottles are also highly favored and are a common fragrance choice. Adult women immersed in this fashion sense can often be seen sipping various alcoholic beverages, such as "Strong Zero" through straws, possibly to avoid ruining their makeup. 

Jirai Kei Style Subdivisions

Jirai Kei (traditional)

The previously mentioned traditional Jirai Kei has a strong affinity for pink and black, leaning heavily towards girlishness and femininity, but with some slightly darker elements. It can be described as "elegant," "avant-garde," and "cute in darkness."
Common outfit combinations include:

  • Tops mainly consisting of blouses.
  • Bottoms like high-waisted short skirts, suspender skirts, and shorts, as well as dresses and sets.
  • Outfits are often paired with headpieces, socks, platform shoes, and cute bags as accessories.
  • Lace, pleats, bows, straps, rhinestones, and pearls are frequently incorporated into these clothing items and accessories for embellishment.

 Jirai Kei(traditional)

Subculture Jirai (tomboy)

For Subculture Jirai, the style employs oversized T-shirts that extend below the thighs to create a punk and boyish look.Common outfit combinations include:

  • Loose hoodies, jackets, T-shirts.
  • Leg warmers/gaiters.
  • Chunky shoes (either casual or sporty in style).
  • Accessories that either lean towards punk or have a cute aesthetic.

 Subculture Jirai(tomboy)

Ryousangata Fashion vs. Jirai Kei Fashion

Ryousangata Fashion Girls

  • "Ryousangata" translates to "mass-produced style," referring primarily to a fashion trend. The term arose because girls following this style dressed so similarly that they seemed as though they were mass-produced.
  • Initially, this term was coined to mock college students dressed in trendy outfits. However, by now, the term Ryousangata Joshi (りょうさんがたじょし) has become somewhat synonymous with idol otaku girls. By 2021, "mass-produced girls" were also referred to as "mass-produced otaku girls."
  • The phenomenon of mass-produced girls isn't just because young girls think the similar makeup and hairstyles look good.
  • Mass-produced girls favor lace, ribbons, pinks, and pastels in fashion, particularly when it comes to sweet-looking dresses. They commonly believe such sweet dresses give them a princess-like feeling.

Differences Between Ryousangata and Jirai Kei

  • Ryousangata and Jirai Kei are often mentioned together because they both appreciate Sanrio elements and very girlish touches like lace, ruffles, and pleats.
  • By switching up colors, a Ryousangata outfit can transition into the Jirai Kei style. The difference between Ryousangata girls (mass-produced girls) and Jirai girls lies in their intent: Ryousangata girls try to make their idols (the opposite sex) think they are cute, whereas Jirai girls try to make themselves feel cute.

 Misconceptions about the "Landmine" style

"Jirai Kei fashion" ≠ "Menhera"

Both "Jirai Kei" and "Menhera" are merely labels and do not denote any mental disorders.Typically, the characteristics of a "landmine girl" overlap significantly with Menhera, with both exhibiting emotional instability. However, their fashion styles are vastly different.Yet, the term has a derogatory connotation, sometimes used to describe those perceived as overly anxious, overly emotional, or prone to emotional outbursts. Therefore, caution is advised when using it to avoid misunderstandings or offending others.

Can anyone wear Jirai Kei?

Absolutely! Jirai Kei is just clothing or the makeup of this "landmine girl" type.These terms are best used when you want to discover more creators. For instance, you can find more Western creators under the tag #Landmine Girl# and more Japanese creators under #Jirai Kei#.In Japan, a girl who looks cute, cares about others, likes Kuromi, but is easily enraged might be considered a "landmine girl." However, it's now gaining popularity from a fashion perspective. Feel free to embrace this style if it appeals to you.

How do you create a Jirai Kei look?

Step 1: Blend Soft Pinks with Bold Blacks

In Jirai Kei fashion, the juxtaposition of black and pink is a classic choice. Incorporating hues like lavender and purple alongside black further enhances this aesthetic. To amplify the feminine touch, details such as lace, ruffles, and frills are essential elements to consider. You can also opt for shirts in white, light blue, light purple, or red to pair with a black skirt or shorts. You can click Jirai Kei to find more Jirai Kei clothes on our site.

Jirai Kei dressing up

Jirai Kei dressing up

Step 2: Embrace the "Big Eye" Makeup Technique

Central to Jirai Kei makeup is the emphasis on a droopy eye effect, which imparts a melancholic and poignant look. This style is characterized by a reddened, swollen appearance around the eyes, reminiscent of having shed tears.

Complement this makeup with twin-tail hairstyles. Hair accessories featuring Sanrio elements are the ideal finishing touch.

Jirai Kei girl makeup

Step 3: Emphasize Femininity with Nails & Jewelry

Elongated nails are not only a statement of femininity but also a canvas for adorable kawaii embellishments that elevate the cuteness factor.

When it comes to jewelry, opt for silver over gold. Abundant sparkles can be a splendid choice, especially if they exude an air of elegance.

Explore the selection of girly bows on our site. They're the perfect accompaniment to your frilly white blouses and black (or pink) suspender skirts.

Jirai Kei jewelry
Step 4: Essential Black Platform Shoes

Double-buckle platform shoes stand out as a top pick for perfecting the Jirai Kei ensemble. Make sure they're in your wardrobe! You can click Platforms to find platform shoes in different styles on our site.

Platform shoes

In essence, Jirai Kei epitomizes more than just a wearable fashion style; it represents an aesthetic that took its roots from adult fashion. Delving into its backstory not only enriches our appreciation but also sheds light on its intriguing blend of darkness and femininity.

Share your thoughts on this emerging trend below. We'd love to hear your take on this fashion movement.

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